What have you done??

What have you done?..
At your age now?..
Have you contributed enough for islam?
Did you know..
At the age of 21 (some said at 24).
Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih had conquered Costantinople..
At the age of 15..
Imam Syafiee started to give "Fatwa" for people..
At the age of youngster..
Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi managed to became a master in arithmetic, and law,.
genealogies, biographies, and histories of the arabs,..

At the age of youngster also..
Saidina Ali, Asma' bt Abu Bakar and many others..
Sacrificing themselves for Islam..
What have you done for Islam?
No..Wrong Question..
What have WE done for Islam?...
Why don't we start today..
Give your friend a little advice everyday..
Thats also called "Contributing For Islam"..

Lets Do it Together..hehehe

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