Seven rules for sharpening up your thinking skills

We live in a world..
Full of trickers..
And swindlers..
There are people out there..
Who will always try..
To persuade us..
Of false ideas..
In order to further their own interests. 
In such a world..

Learning how to think for yourself..
Should be one of the primary goals..
Of every person..
Of course, most people believe..

They already have this skill in spades..
But becoming a sharp thinker..
Is an ongoing process..
An aim that's never fully realized..
Just in case your skills..

Need a bit of brushing up..
Here are some good strategies for doing so..

1. Have a healthy level of scepticism

2. Look for hard data, not assumptions, arguments and conclusions

3. If there’s not enough data then no conclusion can be formed

4. Look for and verify assumptions

5. Look for circumstances where the conclusion may be found false

6. Make strong attempts to overcome your biases

7. Be willing to change your conclusions in the face of new data

So there they are,.
The rules for improving..
Your critical thinking..
And sharpening up your mind skills.. 
I hope..
They help you..
Form better conclusions..
About the world..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for you my dear friend..for always by my side in thick n thin...may ALLAH always care and give HIS blessing to you..

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