Spirit of Arabian Night..

Why i pick a road picture for this post?
I don't know la..
Do you know?..
Of course you don't know..
If you know..
It just you..not me..
The road means..
Your life..
Your freedom,,
Your way of reaching target..
Your IMAN in yourself..
Come many obstacles along the road...
A big snake..
A big lion,..
What should you do?..

If you go right..or left..
Its mean you are risking your life..
your IMAN..
How to go along the road?
Thats where you need TAQWA..
Remember when Umar R.A asked Ubay R.A..
about the meaning of  TAQWA..
Ubay R.A said to Umar R.A..
"How do you walk along a road..
full of thorn ?..
And Umar R.A answer..
I will walk easily and very carefully..
Ubay R.A said..
Thats TAQWA..
You walk along your life n Iman..
Very very carefully...
So that your Iman remain intact..
Without syirk to Allah..
Or doing sins..
So my friends..
In doing everything..
Remember Allah always,..

I remember too...hehehe

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