Well fellas...
To go into battlefield..
You must prepare..
Sketch a plan..
Unveiled perfect tactics..
If not perfect..
But it must be efficient..
That also goes the same..
When you lay your feet..
Into the darkest world..
of University..
Why I said dark?
Its totally a different world..

From school,,
Once you are in there..
You have to plan..
For the life inside it..
And life after it..
You think its too late?
No my friend..
Never a chance being too late for you..
Start now..
Or whenever you have the chance..
You can succeed after..
Khalid Al-Walid..
In Mu'tah War with the Rome...
Re-arrange Mosleems Tactics..
And Army..
At the time of failing..
They succeed in..
Defeating the Rome..
Never a chance too late for you..

Use my chance wisely..hehe

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