My cat...Meow meow meow

This is my cat..
She is a cat..
A very caring mother..
For its children..
A very talented cat...
To its owner..
And my family of course...
Miss this cat..
Miss its theatrics..
and of course..
Its "meow meow meow"

You too...
Take good care of your pets..
If you have one..
But i wonder..
Why cats must sounds "meow meow"
Why doesn't a dog sounds "meow meow"
A fish sounds "Bark bark"
A cow sounds "Wuu Wuu"
Or a Goat sounds "Moo Moo"
Weird huh?
Its because..
That is "FITRAH"..
That God create for lifes..
Everything that happen..
Is Qadha' and Qadar..
Don't be sad..
If anything bad happen to you..
Or you family..
Treat it with an open heart..
For something that we lost...
Allah replace it with something better..
Allah really fair to its "makhuk"..Creation...

Allah the Most Merciful..

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