A wonderful piece of advice...

Heres a piece of advice i receive..
I got it through SMS..
I will mark it here..
And translate it into English..
As a sign of Thank You...
This piece of advice...
Is really meaningful to me.. 
It says..

Let the chance you got..
At the country of anbiya'..
Filled with the eagerness to find..
The perfect food of soul..
Not just chasing after..
The Degree and Master..
The return of an Ulamak,..
With a great akhlak..
To lift sunnah Nabi S.A.W..
Is waited..
Not just eager to lay your hands..
On money or salary..
Still many those who returned..
From Middle East..
Arabic Country..
Still opposing the Islam..
How far you will go..
to cement your Iman..
and protect the Islam..
Dont just says..
By the Mouth..
The knowledge you got..
At UDM..
Still doesn't enough..
In making u..
A "Taqwa" Muslim..

Credit to the sender..
For this wonderful advice..
Forever i will treasure it..
In my Heart..


elniea said...

i wonder who is the sender. ;)

do u still using the same number? malaysia's no?

Anonymous said...

yes..still my number..hehehe

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