Are we skilled enough?

Rasulullah S.A.W once narrated hadeeth..
"The (hikmah) knowledge is mukmin long-lost treasure..
If you found the hikmah (knowledge) anywhere..
Grab and keep it.."
What crossed my mind is..
Did we really grab..
The opportunity..
And Knowledge that we found?..
For example..

The islamic studies scholars nowadays..
Did they really tried to learn..
The physics or math knowledge..?
Or the medic/dentist knowledge..?
Or tried to learn the account art..?

Or the dentists/medics student..
Does they really..
Tried to learn the fiqh n hadeeth knowledge?..
Does Law students..
Really tried themselves in learning..
The engineering knowledges?..
Or learn the account knowledges..?
Or Communication and Counselling student..
Does they tried to learn the Lughah
and Poems of Arabs..?
Or we all tried to read Shakepeare..
and Al-Ghazali..
or Ibnu Arabi..
The list goes on..
And on..
We must wake up friends..
Learn all the art of the world..
and re-capture rhe authority..
of the world..
From the Masihis people..

I'm learning math and physics..hehehe

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