Forgive me ( Allah s.w.t..)

Laying in the darkness..
Like theres no hope..
Too many sins and mistakes..
I had done..
I know I am not perfect...
Realized from this mistake..
Waking up from..
The temptations of the world..
I want to return..
To the right guidance..
With all my heart..

I'll leave all the mistakes..
Of the past..
Leaving all the agitation..
I pray for you my God..
Forgives all my sins...
My heart will not change..
With confidence i swear..
Here i prorate so that You forgive me...
Forgive me..
I want to change..
Becoming a better and loyal servants.
Crying with tears..
Surrendering my soul to You..
When the times come..
For my soul to leave the world..
Take me...
Under your forgiveness..
Even if  it impossible..
I pray for you God..
For my forgiveness...
I am just a normal human being..
That got stucked in the way of life..
To return to the Right way..

Heres a song..
From KRU...
My Feveret...
I translate its lyrics...
and post it here..
To share with u..
Its titled..

Make me a great Musleem..

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