A stupid/unashamed arab couple..

As usual..
The "Art of Army" class for me..
is as bored as ever...
Not because i didn't understand what the lecturer says..
Its because he talks about army all the time..
Can you imagine learning army's word, phrases in arabic?
WTF..!!! hehehe..:-)
But..What make me most annoyed..
Is not the lecturer or the class..
I'm really love to go the class ( its 'wajib') hehehe..
But what annoyed me most..
Is an arab couple..
Sits beside me..
The man and girl..
Always sit together..like they are husband and wife..
What is absurd more..
They sit in front row..
Its like a LivE-FrEe dating show every week..
Doesn't they ashamed to the class or lecturer?
I really want to "pok pala" on them..


nabilah said...

pok je pala

zamanislam said...

haha..dorang besar xberani la nanti kena belasah

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