Didn't they ever learn?

Another what arabs love most..
Is smoking..
These arabs makes smoking like their life...
Im not saying all..But MAJORITY..
They like to smoke..
Even kids..maybe high school..
Seems to carry smokes and a lighter with them..
Even Arabs woman smokes..
What is this smoke things?
Smoking is Jews plan to kills Muslims..

"If we cannot kill Muslims the let they killed themselves..."

Arabs..MAJORITY of them are heavy smoker..
Jews have succeeed in killing us Muslims..
Can't you stand sitting in a bus with 8 out of 10 passenger with you smokes in bus?
Without opening the window..
On a three hour trips?
Trust me its STINKS !!!!

Top smoking please........


nabilah said...

i asked peah to quit many times...wuu T.T

permaisuri hati said...

hanks 4 dda beautiful reminds..i'm interested to pick ure writing in my blog also...mybe it could be an advice for my other fren..n about da rokok..please don ever try..som peolple said..at 1st..they don't inerested to smoke..but the dare n pressure of fren n environment..now, they had been heavy smoker

zamanislam said...

never will i become a smoker insyaAllah,,,

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