Sharing..its wonderful..

What we have, what we will give..

Fellas..What will you do if you got Rm 3 in your hand, you are feeling pretty-pretty exhausted because of the sun, walking down a road while returning from class at college, you met an old woman with a scrappy-looking shirt and looking old,tired and weak. Opposite of you if a food stall, selling "pisang goreng and kopok lekor tganu" hot from the stove, and beside it a stall selling cold, iced-fruit juice. What is the first things that came across you mind?

Sympathized with other, Allah sympathized with us..

I know maybe many will think, "aaaaah, i'm dead tired and hungry and thirsty, why should i help this old lady? i will treat myself"..Thats what maybe many will thought, but don't you all think deeply before making some decision? Whats the rush? Theres a hadith by Rasulullah s.a.w said : ( Rushing and doing something too fast is the work of syaitan ) So..think deeply before you make any decision. Lets put it this way, in a mathematical order (man,,i love mathematic.hehehe..)

Situation 1 :
You are hungry+thirsty+tired for an hour ( your class is an hour )
The hostel is just a minutes away
-So. You can eat at hostel with the cafes' in it.

Situation 2 :
The old lady was hungry+thirsty+tired for weeks
She maybe doesn't have anywhere to go
She maybe doesn't have relatives to ask for 
-So she didn't have anything+anyone to ask for help
-Beside YOU and your RM3 !!!

Pity her, give your RM 3 to her, or if you can help, go buy her the "pisang goreng+kopok lekor" and a  glass of juice and give it to her, You will found out that a great relief will fill your life after that. Who knows?
Maybe when theres a time for you to grad, and you just need a point (0.01) to achieve Dean-List and become top student in your college, Allah send into the hearts of your lecturers (sympathy) to give you 0.02 mark freely. Maybe you just think it as a Gift or "rezki" from Allah,.But why didn't you reflect yourself to the time you help the old lady with goreng pisang+kopok lekor and juices? You sympathized her, Allah repay it by SYMPATHIZING you. Those unexpected 0.02 point makes you top student in your college, and make you being appointed in high post while applying to work, maybe you will receive support from the Government to continue your studies Overseas with a secured job when you return. WOw..Great future you got.!!

Sharing is Wonderful

So my friends.. SHARING is WONDERFUL,, Maybe you didn't see the effect immediately but who knows it makes a great impact in your life someday.


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