I am not ustaz or ustazh !!! why me???

We are all light to Islam..
Do you think who are responsible to dakwah people?
You, me, you and me..
We all together..
What.,you are not?

"Please sir, i studied medic..not me to dakwah2.."
"I'm going to be a lawyer..up to you la nk dakwah ke x.."
"Ohf..i'm super busy with bussiness..why don't you dakwah ustaz, i pay you?"

See fellas..
Why you ( who doesn't even take islamic studies ) doesn't care to dakwah?
Dakwah is not just about ustaz...or ustazah..
Weather you studied engineer, or mass comm..or studied medic..
As long as you are muslim..
You must dakwah people..
Start with something simple..
Asking your friends not to grab mans hand ( for girls) and the other ways..
Asking your friends to always solat at the right time
Or don't left solat...
Asking your friends to read Quran at free time..
Asking your friend to wear proper clothes..
So many simple things for us to dakwah..

"Kullukum raie wa kullukum masulun an raiyatih.."


"Everyone of us have responsibilites.And everyone of us will be asked for our own responsibilities ( in front of Allah ).." 


nabilah said...

people like to think that we dont know much about Islam just because our course not in Islamic studies.
no one wants to hear our voice..
one case: my fren said nasyid for women is allowed because our intention is to dakwah..i said no..bla3 they dont want to listen...they think i'm talking nonsense
ok panjang la pulak

zamanislam said...

No..try to dakwah..biarla pe org ckp pun,..yg penting kite bg nasihat..

permaisuri hati said...

bell..cara brdakwah ada pelbagai pndekatan..rasulullah pn..pd mula dakwah adalah melalui akhlak n berbudi bahasa...bila org tertarik n hormat dgn akhlak,budi bhsa n cra berpakaian..everything seems better than before..n asma teringt kta2 pndebat UISM masa debat NC baru ini..biarla kita tidak ditakdirkan u berjuang di medan perang..tp kata-kata mampu setajam pedang yg menikam n mampu menghalang golongn kuffar

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