Read,. Memorize..Learn..

After finishing classes..
Me and my friend went to Amman..
A big and main city in Jordan..
So i went to a Bookshop..(Maktabah)..
Soooooooo many books of many genres there,,
Truly a heaven for me..
So while searching for some hadeeth books..
I met this guy..
A clean, good looking man..
His name, Sheikh Ahmad Jarrar..
After a little chat..
He taught me many things about being a student..
He said that,,as a student..
We must conquer three simple step in learning..
Read - Do read the books that we studied..
Memorize - As students of many subjects, memorize the notes and important things so the knowledges stay in our head..
Learn - its compulsory for us to learn with teachers..Learning alone are like learning from a stupid things..

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