...::..See the sight..Look the sky..::...

Upon the sky i looked..
Never the life became so hooked..

Till you reach the youth..
Life is full of myth and booth..

Booth for us to go...
And to decide our life also..

When we lost our hope and felt sorrow..
Remember Allah is the God we follow..

Don't forget Him ever..
Being forgotten by Him we will never..

To enjoy fully our life..
Remember its full of surprise..

That its a must that no magicians can tell..
How much you are doing to save you from hell..

Whenever you felt your sin is high as a mountain..
Repent always,,its release you from Hell drain..


permaisuri hati said...

bestnya...dahla cantik gmbar2 kucing..mcm mna nak wat?blh tunjuk ajar ana ea

zamanislam said...

hehe..insyaAllah..ilmu mmg untuk dikongsi,no problem..

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