OUr own life..

What are we looking for really in our life?

Do you think you can take the love to heaven?
LOve isn't everyone target,,
Some said..Between great love, money create the bridge,,
Some said,,To achieve LOVE we must KNOW ourselves..
Thats why many hop for counselling courses..
So..LOVE isn't the greatest things, right?
Romeo and Juliet suffer because of LOVE..right?
Taj MAhal, built because of LOVE,,suffering many people to built it..
So..LOVE is the greatest ??

They say,,MOney is the source of HAPPY life..
You can have everything with money,,
But didn''t they know..
MONEY is the source of all EVIL..
Didn't they ever learnt?
HOw can you be HAPPY if you always worried for money?
Rasulullah S.A.W happy being a normal person..
NO money attached in Rasulullah's life !!!

They say..when you have power..
You rule..
You are the greatest..
You are the TOP..
Didn't they see..
Many POWERFUL person are now just a mere comb..
A mere "mayat" ?
POwer doesn't give you everything..


Think cleverly...What you really want??

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