How are our preaparation for war?

How are our preaparation to dakwah others for islam?
Do you know..

While you and your family happily eating biscuits..
The "Kuffar" are meeting 24 hours a day..
To plan to attack us MUSLIM..
Do you know,,
When we were happily goes to school..
The Kuffar are planning to attack "aqidah" of our friends at school..
How do we can defend islam and save islam..
If we doesn't take anything or planning anything to save and dakwah islam?
I give you an analogy..
" how can a group of ants climbing a tree if they doesn't know the weather, condition and preapration to climb?


Heres another one..
"How do we fly a ballon if we doesn't fills it with air, and doesn't calculate the timing and correct place for its to landing?"


You will know the answer..
Prepare yourself for dakwah always,,

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