Nobody is born a GENIUS..

"i am not so genius, thats why i will not succeed."
"He is 'pandai' thats why he got top results."
"She got great brain, i doesn't have"

These is among the normal phrases we can hear from many people who seems "jealous" with others people success. Fellas, this thinking-that-everybody else-except-us-is-perfect gotta stop.No offence, but it really damaging our brain.I really hate to hear all this.

Fellas, nobody is born genius, nobody is born with IQ of 400 (super duper genius) and no body is born with successful results as he/she achievement.NO NEVER !!! that kind of thinking is wrong and never can take you further in your life. trust me, i've been there, done that frens !!!

What makes people success or not is what the education program (tarbiyyah) and what they do to preserve it. People who always train and drain their brain seems to have upper hand than people who doesn't. its true really, our BRAIN must be TRAINed so it will not DRAIN.

So stop babbling about others achievement if we-ourselves-doesn't-work -harder-like-them. Blame yourself for your failure, you know, the starting point for anyone achievement starts at he/she own hand,brain and guts to work hard.The rest we return to Allah s.w.t.

chow chincou bou chunlai lin dan lee chong wei..


Loyar Lawa said...

boleh jadi pakar motivasi neyh... hikhikhik

zamanislam said...

haha..motivasi tu gane???

Loyar Lawa said...

ehhh dy tanya plak, motivasi untuk bunuh orang(okeii melawak je)

motivasi dalam tv la.. kalau tak pon motivasi dalam buku... semua entri sngt neutral lol..hhahaaha

dn lgi satu kumen kat entri the more v learn tueh, xde respon pon...tak pasan ea??? hehehe sje je

Loyar Lawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zamanislam said...

eh yeke? x pasan pon..dh reply dh

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