The more we learn the more we doesn't know..

Anyone agree with me?

The more we learn the more we doesn't know.
Why i said that? because the more we learn something, it will open us to a new dimension (like a star-struck galaxy) that sent us to a whole new galaxy to explore. So, we must begin again from zero. got my idea?

Let us see the analogy, a simple analogy i will give you, to make your brain function fully to its potential.

Step ONE :
You wanted to learn to make cookies, and now you doesn't even know anything or any step to make cookies.

Step TWO:
Now you learn to make cookies, you know what is the ingredients, how the correct step to bake it ( cookies) and how you can decorate it to make it beautiful

Step THREE :
Now you have a new knowledge, that is to bake cookies. you just turn from ZERO to HERO with your new knowledge.But surely you are not satisfied, yes? YOu wanted to learn to bake other cookies,not that one only,right?

Step FOUR:
NOw you understand what i mean,  before you doesn't even bother to learn to bake cookies, suddenly you learn to make it, its suck you to a new dimension, a COOKIES dimension. but suddenly we need to learn more about cookies but we doesn't know, and that is a new DIMENSION to us.

Step FIVE :
no more step for the conclusion i hope you understand what i mean, and you know that its a great way to make this newly-improved theory a reality.(what am i writing??) 

okay,chow cincau..


Loyar Lawa said...

good anology lol...
totally agree wif u-d more v learn d more v doesnt know...

zamanislam said...

h0h0 bru tgk ini komen,..bkn analogy la..biology,,haha

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