ANGRY !!!!

Did you feel like you want to 'eat' someone?

Did you feel like you want to "kill a mosquitoes?"

Did yo feel like you want to "bake a cake and eat it suddenly?"

Did you feel ignorant?

Then you are confirmly ( salah ni,,jg ikut) ANGRY !!!!

lets laugh together...hahahaha...


control your angry..

It doesn't matter how and what methods that people make you feel, 

Just be yourself..

Its not wrong to express your angriness but..

Make sure you can control it..

Get what i mean?

Me, myself..when i felt angry,, i just eat and eat and eat.. fat i can be..but i don't care..

EATING can release your anger..(not suggested for people who want to control diet..heheheh)

Okeh,,my main point is, Rasulullah (PBUH) once answering a man's question..

The man : Ya Rasulullah, advice me please..
Rasulullah PBUH : Don't be angry..
The man : Then?
And he repeated his question for Rasulullah till 3rd times, Rasulullah still answered :
"Don't be angry"

So...lets us laugh together..hahaha


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