A realist no more..

I used to be a realist..
Thinking that all thing will go according to plan.. thinking that this world is just going to be good always..But of course this is not right. We must prepare for the worse, accepting the fate whether its good or bad. I started to make myself prepared, since studying here is NOT AS GOOD AS IN MALAYSIA..get what i mean?

The situation i faced in studying here is not the same as in Malaysia. If you guys in malaysia can relay your pointer on assignment, project paper, presentation, there no such things here. All you can relay is on two tests and one final exam. the rest? its depends on lecturers, or doctors as they are called here..because the (syarat) to become a lecturer in jordan is you must at least have a PHD..i repeat,PHD..no such things as tutor or master lecturer in Arabic State.

Return to the exam things,can you imagine, you saw a DR enter your class, and hoping to get the topic that enter the final exam to study, but suddenly, he said, In its colloquial arab language "min jildin ila jildin" means, from the front page to the end of the book, and this refer to a 300 something 'kitab', to study the whole books in two weeks? wow, i can't imagine that..my first REAL challenges to study here. What a great way to start the life here.

So thats all, i MUST and SHOULD change my MINDSET now,no more be a realist, just try to be a Triumphant,,i don't know what i said just now,,hahaha,.

Okay another day then,pray for me my friends..


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zamanislam said...

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