Got to work harder..

Got to work harder
my self of course..

Phew,,thats all i can said pondering that i will sit for my first exam in this Jordan state. Well, of course i am not so mentally and physically ready, but i know there is no better time to start than TODAY.

Why did i put beckham's pic above? it is to show you that even gifted man (in his football world) also have to work hard and train carefully to make sure his potential doesn't gone wasted.

So what about us? 

Even Sun Tzu said in his famously-literated The art of War :
"the one who control the land and 5 elements will win the war"

Hey, from what i seen and understand, it says we can win the land from hard work, not from just my friend, thats totally wrong. ~~"What you give you get back"~~ as Scorpion stated in their song. What you give ( means studying, work hard and struggling) is what you will get. ( freedom, magnificent result and of course fame and fortune~i like~ )hehehe..

So. i want to advice myself, i need to work harder, need to stabilize my preparation in this coming exam, you my friend, don't just sit-there-and-relax-and-do-nothing-and-just-facebooking without studying, its up to you to succed or not.

Gotta chow now. pray for me..


Loyar Lawa said...

yuppp untuk mendapatkan kejayaan seindah pelangi perlukan perngorbanan seberat hujan. erkkkk betolke kata2 neyh...hehe

zamanislam said...

haha.buleh diterima la cik LL

Loyar Lawa said...

kenapa x reply kumen entri2 sblum neyh??? xde respon pon...hahahhahaha...sje je wink2

zamanislam said...

haha,,okey wait n see

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