An "Ustaz" Image..

Many friends asked me..
Once they stumble upon my blog..
Fuad, why didn't you make a blog..
Just like Saifulislam, Or Dr Asri..
Or blogs like others musleem scholars..
That filled with islamic issues..
Likes feqh, hadith, aqidah,..
Or story of Rasulullah, tafsir,,or..
Many more..
Why i didnt make like others?..

I have my own opinion..
Its not i didn't  want to do like them..
Its just..
I didn't think i arrived at their levels yet..
I am still learning..
This blogging think..
InsyaAllah when my knowledge..
arrived at their levels..
I will write a great blog of islamic knowledge..
This is my way of dakwah..
Islam is the way of life..

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