Don't forget our LOVER.. many times you spend contacting your lover?
Is he/she worth every cents you spend on calling?
Is he/she will truly help you one day?
One day in Masyar i mean..
Please my friend..
Don't forget to selawat to Rasulullah s.a.w...

A five minutes selawat is okay for you..
to show we really loves Rasulullah s.a.w...
If you can remember, dreaming of your lover for many times..
How about remember Allah,
and His Lover Rasulullah..
"man solla 'alaihi wahidan, sollallahu 'alaihi biha asyara"
Whoever selawat for Rasulullah for a selawat, Allah will selawat for him/her with ten selawat..

You see..
We will need Rasulullah syafaat in Masyar..
If you are one of the ummat that always remember Ras$ulullah..
InsyaAllah Rasulullah will remember and help you..
Unless you think you can save yourself..
With your ignorance only..
Don't come begging for Rasulullah at Masyar..
So..start selawat for Rasulullah from now..
Just five minutes after every solat can be more than enough..
to show we remember our LOVER..

Allahumma solli 'ala muhammad..

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