Changing of the world..

A YM i received from my friend in Malaysia, Musa. its 5 a.m in Malaysia but he seemed like he doesn't sleep. I knew him when i spent three months at KUIN ( Kolej Universiti Insaniah). We talk a lot.
"Fuad, write about your life in your blog, will ya?" Musa asked me..
"Well musa..of course i will write it, but slowly.."
We change our talk about politics, hadiths..and many more..
I'm so surprised..
KUIN had been changed to UIN.. University Insaniah..
Its just five months since i left there, suddenly the name of the most famous islamic institution in Kedah had been change..or UPGRADE if you can call it..
May the masyasyeikhs in there stays there to give our malaysian students their "berkah" and knowledge..


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