Different path..and different end..Just don't forget Islam okay..!!

"Fuad..what a pleasant to see you.." a friend of mine said one day..
"Emm..Nice to meet you too Sofi.." cheerfully i replied..
This friend of mine is my long-lost friend..well, we had been friends at Imtiaz, my second secondary school after Sheikh Abdul Malek. After finishing SPM we all had gone our seperate way, I went to KUSZA/UDM and he (Sofiyuddin) went to DQ, or Darul Quran as you all know. After finishing our diploma, with Allah's bless we met again here at Mu'tah.
"What course did you take Sopi?" i asked him directly upon meeting him..
"Well..i take Fiqh wa Usuluh..and you Fuad?"
"Well..since i take Quran Sunnah at my diploma, i am going to continued in Usuluddin.."

Its been a while now..we ourself continued on our own journey..I hadn't imagine myself coming to jordan..and so is sofi..We all can't imagine that we ourselves will continue our study here..Many of our friend had gone on a different path.If at school he/she is a dedicated students, wearing songkoks and jilbabs, upon leaving schools, many chose to go on different styles, not many also got 'hooked' by the surroundings and friends, if he/she at schools is a thiqoh, ad-deen style of wearing students, many i had found change to another style. 
some adapted the 'hip-hop' style, some with 'free-g-lucky-style', some with a western style, if girls, one had change from a jilbab/tudung labuh style to a trendy style, wearing short sleeves shirts, not to forget many had gone on a retro syle, wearing headscarf (tudung) with different syles. who am i to critise them but lets not forget that whatever you are wearing, make sure your 'aurat' is safe intact. okay my friends?

Its a different path we choose and a different end of the road we will arrive..Good Luck to everyone..

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