Is it enough for me?

"Buzz" my computer come buzzing alive one night. Its just a buzz from my friend in Mu'tah also, Sofiyuddin.
Yes we are studying on the same university but we live in different house. So to communicate here is by YM. 
"Buzz" i replied back. and soon we start chatting among ourselves.
But what touch me most is a topic we chatted, is it enough for us to return to Malaysia with our knowledges of islam to teach ummat?
Sofi will study here for 4 years, completing his degree. But me? I just got two years to completing my degree here since i am studying on my twinnig program from diploma.
Am i ready for the challange here? am i ready to teach the umat in Malaysia?
I don't know..

If you ever heard of the stories of ulama' and islamic scholars..
They all spent half of their life searching for knowledges..
Some takes 4,5 years,,saome 5 to 10 years..
What are they compared to my 2 years here?
Pray for me to achieve my target..
InsyAllah i'll do my best and be a great daie here..aminn..

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