Manage you time well and you will succeed...

Starting again..

Okay I tried to update my blog..but to no avail I didn’t have much time..
So now I tried to update while giving time by Allah, the Most Powerful god..
But I still didn’t have enough time..

Many works ?

Well it is normal to have short of time if you are always busy with classes, assignments, notes, exams,tutor classes,study and work group,usrahs  and your job as a member of the student’s club..
Wow..its so hard to give your time properly yeah?
Sometimes I hope if I have 25 hours per day at my disposal and I still cannot spend all of it properly..
So are you, right?..

Time management..
It’s the time management of course..
Many people achieve great success all because they manage their time well...
Ask any of those who failed and one of their main reason for failings is time spent recklessly..

What the experts are saying about this..?

Theres a saying in Arabic : Time is like a sword, if you didn’t cut it properly, it will cut you..

this is i share from the web :

As a student, there are some basic Principles of Time Management that you can apply. 

1. Identify "Best Time" for Studying
2. Study Difficult Subjects First
3. Use Distributed Learning and Practice
4. Make Sure the Surroundings are Conducive to Studying
5. Make Room for Entertainment and Relaxation
6. Make Sure you Have Time to Sleep and Eat Properly
7. Try to Combine Activities

 "I am not one of the best for all but i tried to give my all best"


'Aishah Jauhara said...

'Manage YOUR time....' :)

Fuad said...

yeha,,im looking forward to manage my time.thanks 4 advice

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