When you are feeling down..


Always correct yourself, renew your purpose, and re-energize your work ethic 
(Muhasabah diri, tajdid niat and amal)
After almost 2 years I left my country Malaysia and live in this Jordan,..
There are time that I sometimes feel like I’m bored..
Bored of the environment, bored of the arabs  people, and their attitude..
Bored of the languages, well,,
Imagine if everyday you have to talk the languages of not from your origin..]
What will you feel?


Well, in ISLAM theres a way to refresh your work and feeling, it is by duaa tu Allah
I find out that duaa is the best an efficient way to refresh myself..
Sometimes I didn’t realize, my guts an power to continue studying here always being renewed..
I come to thanks for Allah
For it is His Qadha’ anQadar that I can continue my bachelor here,
While this can be what others can only dream of..

Come together..

So this is what I hope I can share
And you all my friends.
Don’t forget..
Always correct yourself, renew your purpose, and re-energize your work ethic

(Muhasabah diri, tajdid niat and amal)


permaisuri hati said...

agree....eeeee...erm, in our everyday life, we need the fully positive battery, there, only muslims could get it easily..trough their prayer..but, how many muslims today do not care of their pray? according to a research of USM student, the increase of number of sadness and suicide, one of the reason is less of Iman

Fuad said...

that's right..pray is the most important thing to refresh our self...agree agree agree

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