make or break?

i got one year left to study here,
will i return to jordan?
Or will i n0t?

I don't know,
i am blur,
seeing at my level of kn0wledges,
i did n0t satisfied with myself,
what can i do in a year?
What can i achieve in a year?

Its a make or brake,
for me,
to be myself,
and make whoever i will be.


nabilah said...

dok la lg kt sana hehe

fuad said...

xnaakkk.nk lepas grad kot.hehe

Mengenal Tuhan said...

da mntap da bhsa arb tu...blk ajar org kt mesia plak...

fuad said...

uii,mantap? Xd la,bese2 je

wawa said...

blk dulu , g plok... ape ssh

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