what do we really want?

okay folks,
readers and bloggers alike,
this time i want to make a survey,
if you ever been given an opportunity,
to wish for ANYTHING that you want,
what'll you wish for?

Waiiit..i will give s0me facts to test you all..

everyone want money, money makes the world go round,its damn true,and with money you can buy everything you wish for.but take n0te,many billionaires lose their sleeps for money, some even doesnt found happiness in their life because of money..why? Because they scared their m0ney will be st0len.
Still want m0re m0ney?

yes,fame is important now,even,everyone want to be fam0us,to be kn0wn worldwide,have billions of fans and followers,but did you forgot? Many fam0us artists killed themselves because of stress from fans,stalkers et al.
Still want to be fam0us?

Ok,these are two examples of things everyone will wish for. Leave your opinions on comment box below,and lets share our thought worldwide..

Sharing is wonderful


Anonymous said...

its true..but nowadays important 4 us to have alot of money n to be a famous person..for what?? spread islam to entire world..
but remember, use it with iman..=)

fuad said...

correct !

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