So what? Do i care for what you said??

So what?
The hell are you doing with it?
Its none of your business !!!!..
Get LOST !!..will cha?
So you want to lecture me now?
Your not my mom or dad !!! and i...we doesn't share know that !!

And the list goes on and on..

Ever heard of THESE kind of word or QUICK reply from someone?
Someone you are trying to advice, take them to the right guidance?
I bet you have..and be are not alone..

These are some kind of words, replies (or abuses ) that come from someone who didn't get the guidance from Allah yet..NOT they are rejecting us, but they cannot accept what we trying to tell them..YET...

For all the Mad'U out there, don't easily quit if you received these kinds of replies.. It is your biggest challenge to try and try and try to guide them..don't give up easily, OK? 

"ROME doesn't built in a day.." 
As they say..If those Romans so easily quit in the yesteryear, how can a great big beautiful city of Rome can exist nowadays?

The Constantinople cannot be saved by the Muslims Soldiers and Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh if they give up when the Byzantine hooked up a big great large chain made of gold on the Golden Horn..No didn't they? Instead they picked up all of their weapons and ships up through a mountain..and the rest is a bog victory for ISLAM...

The Arabs have a great saying for this kind of  problems..they say "The Ship doesn't sail on the land/sand.." 
Get what they mean?  
They means that those sailors have to work hard to put their ship on the water..then they can go sailing..not just wait for the ship on the land to sail by itself..You do the math..

Allah s.w.t advice us in The Quran, as it says ; " So be patience like the patience of Ulul-Azmi "..

So what? reply it like this.." I  want you to follow my advice now so that next time you didn't go to Hell for your wrongdoing.."


unnecessary said...

So what? reply it like this.." I want you to follow my advice now so that next time you didn't go to Hell for your wrongdoing.."'

fufu, takut sy nk reply mcm kt atas. hik2.

btw, never give up in sending HIS message.

some ppl seem reluctant at the very beginning, but if they realize it is for their betterment, they will change, anyhow.


and thanks for all advices u;ve given to me so far.

alhamdulilah, everything seems better now :)

Fuad said...

hehe,.no sweat..i just did my job of sharing with people..others to accept it or not? up to job is to advice them and i pray to Allah to guide them..

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