Einstein's super tricky quiz...

Think you're smart? hehehe..think again,,the more smarter we are, there are always someone wo will be smarter than us, believe me?

Alraight if you think you are smart, lets try by beating einstein..


Here are the question :

.There are five house that lives five man..

.Every house was lived by different man that comes from five different nationalities...

.Each one of the man like to drink different drinks..

.They smoke different cigarettes..

.And they kept different pet..

.And not anyone of them likes the same drinks..

.Or smoke the same cigarettes..

.Or kept the same pets..

So who actually keep the FISH as his pet??


1.                 The English live in a red house
2.                  The Swedish kept a dog
3.                 The Danish like to drink tea
4.                  The Green house is exactly beside the White house
5.                  the owner of the Green house like to drink coffee
6.                 The man who smoke PallMall have a pet bird.
7.                 The owner of the house in the middle likes to drink milk.
8.                 The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.
9.                 The Norwich lives in the first house.
10.              The one who smokes Marlboro lives beside the one who kept cat as pet..
11.              The one who kept horse as pet lives beside the one who smokes Dunhill.
12.              The one who smokes Winfield likes to drink bir.
13.              Besides the Green house is where the Nowich lives.
14.             The German smokes Rothmans.
15.              The one who smokes Marlboro lives beside the one who like to drink water.

So who actually keep the FISH as his pet??

The answer is...

its the German that kept the FISH.. hahaha

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