Lets learn Jordan arabic.."The usage of Jordan arabic"

Hye and assalammualaikum to all..
Well. today im gonna share bout' the usage of Jordan Arabic and its different to Egypt (mesir) arabic..
Okeh, for those out there, Jordan Arabic is widely use in many part of arabs country, and not just jordan only. Jordan arabic is used in Jordan, Syria, a part of Lubnan, the Saudi states (Medinah, makkah, Jeddah). This is different to Egypt arabic, because Egypt Arabic only being used in Egypt and maybe some part in jordan ( like mu'tah, because there are many egypt emigrant here).

So don't worry if you think that learning ammiyah is a wasteful. in my opinion, it can make us nearer to the people of those country you staying at. And, if you want to know, you can use Jordan arabic at many country that i have stated above. Its truly that every country have its own dialects, but for sure you can use Jordan arabic too. ma fi musykilah...

Why we can use jordan arabic at mekkah, madinah and jeddah? because of the geographical map that put Jordan. Jordan only side-by -side with Syria, Israel and also Saudis (mekkah, medinah jeddah) so its shows why these country can use same arabic. But for Egypt, Egypt use their "own" arabic, their own identity, maybe because egypt is a bit more africa than arab. truly, egypt is a lot closer to africa than arab, thats why they speak different arab (but you can use fushah/standard arabic there).

So, have fun learning and applying it with your friend. I will help and share all i can,.

[sharing is wonderful]

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