Fire vs Sand...

Here a story..
About how to dakwah with "logic"..our brain and IQ..
I write it below..

One day..
When Imam Abu Hanifah was teaching fiqh to his students..
Come a man, who doesn't believe in God..(atheist)
He come to test Imam Abu Hanifah knowledge and wisdom..
So he ask Imam Abu Hanifah..

"If syaitan ( setan) are from fire, how can setan will be "azab" in hell?..
Fire meets fire won't cause anything..right?

Logically, he's right..doesn't he fellas?
How can we devide something fire with fire?
Have you try?
Imam abu Allah s.w.t have give him knowledge and wisdom from his child days..
Cool and steady as he is..
Ask that man..while his hand is holding a plate..(pinggan makanan laa..bukan plate kereta,,)

Imam Abu Hanifah  : Do you know what is this?   imam Abu Hanifah ask him..showing the plate..

Atheist man              : yes its a plate..why? 

Imam Abu hanifah  :  What this plate made of?

Atheist man              : Made of sand of course..

Imam Abu Hanifah  : And we human are made of sand also,right? IF i hit your head with this plate, will you feel hurt or not?

Atheist man               : Of course it will hurt me..

Imam Abu Hanifah   : Then its the same with setan and hell fire..although it (setan) are made of fire they also will feel the azab in Hell..

So the man admit defeat, he converse to ISLAM and repent to Allah for his sin..

"sharing is wonderful"

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