Earned enough to give equally enough..

Well...i happened to get into a chat with my senior yesterday (Friday)..
We chat about so man things..
The we reached about a topic..
"Do i have enough to give enough?"

The simple analogy is like this..

"Can a lion feed its three son with a small rabbit because it is too lazy to hunt big animal?"

Understand what i mean?
We students doesn't learn only in class..
We must seek OUTSIDE knowledge..
Not everything we learn will be applied in real world..

For example...

Do you learn to cook Nasi Goreng in high school?
Do you learn to speek klate slang in University?
Do you know how to wash your clothes from textbook?

We have lots of time..
And lots of time we wasted freely..

"If the lion hunt for an elephant for its children..
Its children will get enough food..
Not just that tiny rabbit to share..."

"sharing is wonderful"


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