Interview with Spidey...hehehe

Heres Spidey, happily climbing around Amman, Jordan one evening. As a fan of him, i manage to meet him and arrange an interview with him. I wrote it below for you all.

How high will you climb to achieve you target?
How far will you go to make sure your target is within your grasp?
Ask Spidey how high he will go :

Q : Spidey, how high will you climb?
S : Me? ( with a shocking tone) I will climb as high as i can.
Q: What if Green Goblin uses a Jet skate?
S : So i will uses a Rocket-skate
Q : What if Dr Octo uses a rocket Spidey? How will you catch him?
S : Of course thats easy...I will sabotage his rocket before he uses it.
Q : Oohf..So you are willing to do anything huh Spidey?
S : Not anything silly..I will follow the Syarak of Course. Allah have told use in Quran to follow and abide by  
     the syaria law. Preventing Doc Oct from doing Evil is a great deed. You should see in the Quran if you 
     didn't believe me.
Q : Spidey, how great of you..Do you memorizing the Quran? 
S : To memorize the Quran is a greatest achievement to anyone. I'm trying but InsyAallah i'll manage it with  
     Allah Guidance.
Q :So..where are you going after this.?
S : Its almost isyak now, i better get going. Remember, always read the sorah Yaasin every morning after 
     Subuh prayer, it will help you to be save all day from morning 'till you sleep. This is a message i obtain 
     from Ustaz Ismail Kamus and Ustaz Azhar Idrus.
Q : Okay thank you. Heres Spidey folks..Pray that we shall meet him again.

End of interview.                             

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Anonymous said...

kim salam spidey ;)

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