Update your brain please !!!

We always go to school..

We always go to University..

Do we think what we learn is enough?

Do we think we have complete ourselve with knowledge?

Upgrade your brain please !!!

Learning in University or class is not enough now..

Now, many ORIENTALISTs have use many ways to divert islam..

The ISRAELIS have use many things to "sesatkan" musleem..

if we just depending on our class knowledge, we are so loser..

Upgrade please..read outside knowledge..

If u an islamic knowledge student, read law books,account books,history books..

If u a law student,read history books,mathematics books,biology books..

If u a medic student,read hadith books,tajwid books,engineering books..

Be international please !!!..

We students must have so-called "added value.."


Loyar Lawa said...

sokong2...betol tueh

zamanislam said...

haha,,mekaseh2..sokong pe xtau tp mekaseh2..

ainshams said...

nice writing!
actually, we still don't use our brain's function fully yet.

zamanislam said...

wah2..ana xreti menulis lg/...kena belajar dr "senior" doktor ain..

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