Life's a chess..

Life's a chess..

Didn't we see it?

reffering to my frens post on his fb..HE said life's a chess..

What is chess game?

You make a  move, in order to capture some rook,queen, and others piece..

But the real intention of us is to win the game? to checkmate the king?

Didn't we see it?

We make something,not to get the real thing but to get something else..

We studied, not really to get the knowledge(sambil2 dapat ilmu la)..but to get a good job someday..right?

We buy a car not really coz we need it(sambil2 laa) but to promote it to others..

And many more..

Think wisely for what you are planning..

Don't get checkmate in your life !!

One wrong step..checkmate and your done..

[sharing is wonderful]

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