The Wait... Episode 3 Finale

So..What do John planning of doing to save Evans?
Here is the continuation..

Together they walk around the town..
They eat a leftover sausage together..
They catch after a squirrel up a tree..
They play hide-and-seek togeother..
They drink milk together..
Evans thinking for Itself..
"Earth is better than Moon.."

So Evans ask John..
"Why i wan to go to moon before John?"
"Why i wait for the impossible before..?"
"The possible is right in fornt of me.."
"Its just up to me to enjoy it.."
"I think Earth is better than Moon..Right?"
John is laughing..
"You want to go to moon and you ask me why?"

What do you think John give Evans?
John give Evans a flying kick with Kungfu Hustle style..
Its a gift..
Because Evans doens't appreciate what in front of him..
And what around him..
But still want to chase,and wait for the impossible,..
What Allah gives to you is the best for you..

Just joking..hehehe


bdAk_baEk said...

nice story ;)

bdAk_baEk said...
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