The Wait... Episode 1

This is a story..
Of a waiting..


One day..
A cat was walking..
Down the town..
Its name John..
So John was bored..
John saw a bird was laying on a tree..
Its name Evans..
So John went to meet Evans..
John said..
"Evans..what are you waiting for?"
Evans answered..
"I'm waiting for the impossible.."
"What??"...John ask,..

" you get me clear? John"
"Emm...what do you mean by the impossible?"
"It fly to the moon John.."
"What??..Fly to the moon?"
"Yes..Fly there..i dreamt of it.."
John is confused..
He think Evans is dreaming..
How can John help Evans?
Do you have any idea how..
John will help Evans?...

To be continued...

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