How To Smile...

Feeling tired? Feeling Sad? Lots of dificulties in your life? Then you have a problem to get older faster than others. hehehe... Emm, Here's a great tips to make you grow young a lot longer than others, taht is by smiling. What?? Do you forget how to smile? So i will teach you HOW TO SMILE...

1.  Practice good hygiene. 
     If you've got bits of food stuck in your teeth, people may indeed say you have an  
     infectious smile, but they might be talking about actual infections. It should go without  
     saying, but regularly brushing your teeth and making sure your breath is 
     Toothpaste|teeth]] are stained, visit the dentist for a polishing or use a whitening 
     product, and take care of your lips to prevent chapping. When you smile people will 
     inevitably look at your mouth, so following these considerations will help you make a 
     better impression, and, more importantly, a healthy mouth will make you feel more 
     confident about smiling.

2.  Get comfortable with smiling. 
     Many people are a little nervous about smiling. They don't think their smile looks good, 
     or they think that smiling makes them look unprofessional or vulnerable. It's true that a 
     smile does show a little vulnerability, but that's part of what makes it so powerful. No 
     matter how professional, intelligent, or in control you think a serious face (or 
     worse, a frown) makes you appear, people almost always respond better to a smile.

I smile always..hahaha :-)

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