Another day to live my life..

                Today i just went to the Jamiah Mu'tah to sent letter to my parents.Well, its a nice experience going to walk round and round the jamiah, ( or gamaah in egypt ). I went there with a senior. You know, what a morning we spent today. Its nice spending my morning, knowing the so-called jamiah i will enter  in an advance weeks time. 

                My senior advices me many things, from starting my studies to achieving targets, to gain knowledge, share it with others and many more. Its great to have a senior that willingly advices and give me the "roar" to lead my life a great way. I'm looking for a bright future with Allah's Guidance insyaAllah.

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Anonymous said...

tahniah...continue ure life with full of HIS bless..
study btl2...ana doakan kejayaan nta disana..kami dsni menuggu kepulgn wan ahmad fuad yg cemerlang akdmik n pribadi-linfa-

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