Teh Tarik Teh Ais

Malaysia is a unique and special country, and this can be seen in many aspects such as the peoples' hospitality, the weather, the nature, the food and drinks and many more.

Today I will talk about one of Malaysian favourite drinks, loves by Malaysian from all generations and ethnics, that is Tea or simply 'teh'.

Unlike the British people, majority of Malaysian love to drinks tea in two types, Teh Tarik (Hot tea with milk) or Teh Ais (Ice Milk tea).

In whichever situation or time, morning, afternoon, evening or supper, teh tarik or teh ais will be the ultimate choice. In any situation, bussiness discussion, loitering or lepak with friends, these two tea will be drank by Malaysian from all sorts of life.

If you happen to travel to Malaysia ( wether for long term or just short stopping trip) don't forget to taste this two tea made famous in Malaysia.

Who does not love them?

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