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Learning Islam is not hard, Islam is the easiest and simplest religion that can be understand by the entire human in the world. Only those who want to open their mind, ready to learn and listen to the words and engage in academic and professional discussion can learn and understand Islam. You don’t have to convert to Islam to understand Islam, and you are not supposed to look through Muslims to learn and understand Islam, as the religion and its practitioner are two completely different things. Learn Islam through reading related books or websites, seek forums (with correct guidance, and not all online forums can be trusted), and also ask for help from those who really know and understand Islam, scholars who can help and guided you in learning Islam (and not just picking up someone we assume a Muslim but doesn’t know Islam either). Open up; let’s be friend, friend in religion and friend in understanding.


Our Prophet Muhammad SAW had reminded us that we Muslims carry the image of Islam. We are the representative of our religion, the promoter of peace and tranquillity in life.  We should heed to the advice of our Prophet in promoting Islam the correct way, don’t scare others with bad image and negative reflections of Islam. Remember, we will be rewarded by Allah for explaining Islam.  Our job is to promote the goodness and positive values of Islam, not to convert people. That is Allah’s job, human should not do Allah’s job as we are powerless. So lets us all promote Islam in a better way and make sure we Muslims have good connection and relationships with practitioner of other religion such as Christian, be it Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical, Buddhist, Hindus, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Sikhs, and many other religious in the world. 

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