My Lovely Wife and I

Alhamdulillah to Allah, syukur for everything He the Almighty had given to me since the beginning of life: the living breath, health, money, family, education, knowledge, job, strenght, and the latest, my beautiful wife Asma' bt Ahmad Shukri.

No words can desribe how grateful I am to the gift Allah had pleasured upon me and my family. I pray for Allah to make me a humble and thankful person for Him by doing all his deeds (solat, zakat, fast (thaum), hajj, and everything..

This post is a special tribute from me to my wife, Asma bt Ahmad Shukri for being the most cutest, most beautiful, most caring, understanding and great support to me. Can't describe how I am feeling since the day we first met, befriend, geting engaged and at last, married. Its like I got another super powerful life after support and acknowledgment of my parents and families.

Love U dear

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