Islam Convocation Prayer

Islam Convocation Prayer

Let’s start our ceremony with Umm Al-Kitab, Al-Fatihah


And don’t forget salawat and salaam to our Prophets Rasulullah S.A.W


Alhamdulillahi Rabb al- a’lamin, hamdan yuafi ni’mahu wa yukafi-u mazidah, ya rabbana laka al-hamdu kama yambaghi lijala liwajhika wa a’zami sulthonik, Allahu masolli a’la sayyidina Muhammad wa’ala ali Muhammad.
Ya Allah Ya Qhodi Al-Hajat we ask for blessings and pleasure from you so that all our efforts, actions and deeds are accepted from you Ya Allah.
O Allah, grant us faith and strength, in order to face the challenges of life, during the transition period, and in the face of life, in this new millennium.
Oh Allah! Make useful for us what you have taught us, and teach us knowledge that will be useful to the world. Give us the courage and guidance to dedicate ourselves now and in the future, to the scholarly way of life.
O Allah! We pray that we may use our many gifts of intellect, heart, and soul to address the problems that the human community faces in making ourselves, our families, our communities, countries and the world a better place with your blessing Insha’Allah
O Allah, shows us guidance, and adjusts our path and ways, to achieve happiness and glory, now and hereafter
O Allah, bless our life in this meeting and gathering, and prevents us from unfortunate events
Rabba-na a’laika tawakkal-na, Wa ilaika anabna wa ilaika al-masiir,
Rabba-na A~ tina fi al-dunia Hasanah,
Wa fi al-akhirati hasanah, Waqina azab al-Narr.
Wasolla Allah  a’la sayyidina Muhammad, wa’ala aalihi wasohbihi wasallam, walhamdulillahi rabbi al-alamin

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