Why Islam nowadays comes with many mazhabs? Isn't Islam unite?

Hei there

People ask..

Why islam comes  in different mazhabs and clerics? Isn't Islam unite unde One GOD Allah and One Book Al-Quran? these so many clerics and mazhabs shows Musleems also doesn't have unity in their faith..

How do we answer?

Islam truely unite under One God Allah and One Book Al-Quran and One Last Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, 

So these all mazhabs and clerics did not mean Musleems did not unite, but its just shows Islam give many ways and teachers in learning Islam..

For example..

You and your friend wanted to take Medic Studies..

You choose a university, your friends choose another university..

Although you and your friend learnt at different university, different lecturers and maybe a little different in revision books and syllabus, but in the end you and your friend can be called DOCTORS upon graduating.. as long as you and your friend learned Medic Syllabus and according to the right teaching.

So that is also mazhabs in Islam..

These mazhabs can be said as universities, which one you choose can determined how you want to practicing islam.. as long as those mazhabs and clerics teaches according to Al-Quran and Sunnah and not going apostle..

But in the end all of us can be called Musleem...

so what do we say??

Islam is easy to learn...

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