Lost city of marj,karak..

Recently,i just finished my final exam,
for this sem only,
so i decided to go on holiday,
to where?
The lost city of marj,karak (or kerak).

I have a friend who lives there,
malaysian of course,
so he invited me to spend a night there,
and i gladly accepted.

Upon arriving there,
after 30minutes of travelling (or less),
i was so excited.

The view there,
is so beautiful,
this city is up above the mountain,
so the view from there,
its really catchy.

I can watch the sun set,
and the karak city lays str0ngly,
i can feel the cold mountain air,
and the purest water of the mountain.

I feel go0d,
just a nice place to rest,
and release my stress.


nafasdunia said...

take care sahabat...

nabilah said...

highway karak ;p

muhammad syafiq said...


Terbaiklah bro fuad, entry berbahasa Inggeris..

Sewajarnya authoriti agama Islam tidak seharusnya takut atau tidak menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris. Mereka harus menaiki ombak globalisasi dan jadi lebih menarik kepada golongan 'elitis' di kalangan orang Melayu dan audien Islam yang lebih global.

Saya masih terkapai2 utk menulis dalam Eng, dgn grammr yg lintang pukang..

Syabas !!!

Fuad said...

adoi, dh trkantoi lak kt syafiq.hehe

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