Don't Give Up..


Its World Cup fever time and i, as a football fan myself also like to tell you..
I am Football Crazy too...hehehe..just kidding,

Ok, whats football got to do with this times topic?

Em.imagine, in a final of the world cup, a match for trophies, a match with great success every football player want, an A team vs B team,. suddenly, team B scores, and the match seems doom for the team A. What should they do in this critical time?

Situation A : 
They became so so down, give u and just admit defeat for the team B, they will lose as a LOSER, a very low-class team that give up on match before it really ends, maybe everyone won't salute for them because they doesn't really give up a fight.

Situation B :
They fight and fight and fight until the final minutes, until the reffs blow up his wisel, the result at that time, whether they lose or win, doesn't really count, if they win, they win as a fighter, if they lose, they lose as a fighter too..Everybody will cheer for them the whole life.

Okay, got my idea?
Don't easily give up on something, especially after you have done your all in that work, be competent and high-spirited, BELIEVE that all that you have DONE will be rewarded with something really nice, do have the feeling of  DARE TO FAIL TO SUCCEED. You know, people who surrendered easily is a LOSER, who doesn't really have the guts to face the reality.

So my friends, whether your result is not good, or your job is not perfect, or having problem and doubt in your loves life and works life,  don't give up, believe in yourself that none can do it properly than yourself, and don't forget Allah, Our GOD who will help people that always strives for success.

[Goooaaaaaallllllll !!!!]

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