When you are feeling down...

When you are feeling too down..Its soo hard right?Its like what we do is all wrong. And you feel this world is against you, what did you'll do?

-eat and eat and eat, coz eating can release your sadness?
-go to a top of a hill and shout with your loudest voice "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....!!!!"?
-cal a fren, tell him/her your problem while eating at a mamak stall?
-Go out to the mall and shopping and shopping till you fell so happy?
-Read the Quran ( i'm sure not many are doing this?)?\

didn't you feel that why these sad things must happen in our life? Don't you felt that should your life be happy always?

Well fellas, don't be so sad for what happening to you. Heres my advice, just take what are happening to you as SUGAR. why i said sugar?

Here i got the simpleST ANALOGY for you all:

Sugar is important to any drinks and food, without sugar our drinks and food will taste really sucks.(phewww...!!) right?
So lets say you want to make a glass of tea, you'll need sugar right?
Too many sugar yu put and your tea will be soooooooo sweeet that it hurts your throat..
Less sugar you put in and be preapred to throw away the tea..becasue its so lame..
so thats it..

our life is = a glass of tea
sadness  = sugar

too many sadness can harm our life, but without it our life will be soo lame..trust me, sometimes this sadness things can make us even more stronger, more matured and dedicated to continue our life.,

So be grateful for what our life have gone through, its always good that Allah fate on us, only the time will show us WHEN will it BENEFITS us,,

~~All you people can't you see, can't you see~~
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
~~And that makes you LARGER THAN LIFE ~~

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